Postponement of Darwin Turf Club race meeting 1st November 2016.

Prior to the commencement of race 2, there was a heavy downpour of rain on the race course. During the running of the second event, there was visible surface water on the course proper. Following the race, a number of senior jockeys expressed concerns with visibility and traction of their respective mounts during the event.

The riding group came to a unanimous decision that the track was in an unsafe condition to continue racing. Stewards explored a number of different options with the Track and Facilities Manager in an attempt to address the track surface but it was decided that no remedial work could be carried out in such a short timeframe to enable the meeting to proceed.

Acting under the provisions of AR8(q) the Stewards postponed the remainder of the racing programme at 3pm. The details relating to the deferral of the remaining 4 races will be announced by the Darwin Turf Club in due course.
David Hensler
TRNT Chairman of Stewards

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