James cleans up on visit from Gove


IT was pure elation for James Ralph after Gold Trip – the horse he had been backing all week – won it all in the Melbourne Cup. Mr Ralph was at the Darwin Turf Club celebrating the day with a group of mates, but he was up on his feet pounding his arms in the air as his runner pulled away.

And with $8500 more in his pocket after Gold Trip delivered the victory the man who lives in Gove had plenty of reason to be happy. “I couldn’t believe it, I thought it was hitting the front early and thought it would get run down,” he said.

“But it held on which is great as I’ve been backing it all week and was just hoping it would stay ahead.

“I’m not usually interested, but it’s one of my mate’s baby’s head wetting so we came out for the special occasion. I’ve won quite a bit with that.”

Elsewhere, sisters Lee Bird and Julie Kozaris Hadn’t seen each other for four years, but a chance to celebrate the Melbourne Cup in Darwin brought them together once more.

Ms Bird came up from the Gold Coast to visit her sister Ms Kozaris, and both were joined by their partners at the Darwin Turf Club.

And the Melbourne Cup was a convenient excuse to grab the chance to meet and reconnect for the first time in years.

“It’s so special. We were supposed to have a proper conversation, but it hasn’t happened yet, “Ms Bird joked. “We didn’t expect the Darwin Turf Club to be so good. We will have to come up again for the Darwin Cup in August.”

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