Yesterday’s race meeting at Fannie Bay has been postponed and rescheduled to Monday 3rd April 2017.

Prior to race 1, jockeys raised concerns about some inconsistencies of the track surface at the home turn.

Darwin Turf Club track staff conducted remedial work in an attempt to improve the surface but it was decided by Chief Steward David Hensler that in the interest of safety to postpone and reschedule the meeting until Monday 3rd April 2017.

Chairman Brett Dixon said “whilst it is disappointing to lose a meeting, the safety of our participants is and always has been a priority, so the decision by the Thoroughbred Racing NT Chief Steward Mr Hensler to postpone and reschedule is absolutely supported by my board and is the right one”.

“With regard to the track, we will be immediately conducting extensive investigations into why the track at the home turn has inconsistencies. That particular area is incidentally the lowest part of the track and with this year’s enormous rainfall we will be examining the possibility of higher than usual ground water levels, track viscosity and track management procedures” said Mr Dixon.

The meeting is rescheduled to Monday 3rd April 2017 with free entry on course. follow link for  Monday’s fields,NT,Darwin

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