The Darwin Turf Club last night reconvened a special general meeting from Monday the 9th of August 2021 to appoint 10 new board members.

544 ballot papers were forwarded to the voting members, 271 ballot papers were returned.

In front of some 80 members who were in attendance, 10 new board members were announced from the 18 nominated members. The elected board members are as follows:

Richard O’Sullivan (Chairperson)
Jodie Waters (Vice Chairperson)
Allen Fanning (Deputy Vice Chairperson)
Daniel Banks
Dale Bicheno
Barry Coulter AO
Annette Davis
Louise De Bomford – Scott
Donna Murray
Brooke Prince

The Darwin Turf Club Chief Executive Officer Mr Brad Morgan said this was an extremely important period for the Darwin Turf Club, with the election process heavily supported by members who are invested in issues effecting their club.

“This election was a pivotal time in the club’s history, demonstrated by high voter turnout and support of the election process. We now look forward to setting a pathway that will enable the Darwin Turf Club to be one of the most progressive racecourses in the country and further establish the Club’s offering as an important multi-faceted entertainment precinct, which includes Silks Darwin, for not only the wider community but also for the local economy that it supports,” Mr Morgan said.

Dated: 25/08/2021