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Staff Rates, Awards, ESS Login

The Darwin Turf Club uses the National Modern Awards for all casual staffing. The following rates are entry level pay rates for all departments. Supervisors and Managers will have slightly higher loading added to the base rates.

Existing employees of the Darwin Turf Club may log into ESS EmpLive Cloud to update personal details, check rosters, submit leave requests and casual employees can block out dates they are not available for work.

Employee Self Service Access & Password Instructions

  1. Enter in web address or click on the link :
  2. Enter your user name – employeenumber@darwinturfclub”. eg 100727@darwinturfclub
  3. Click the forgotten password link

A link will be sent to your nominated email address. Reset your password as follows :

  • Minimum 8 characters
  • At least 1 uppercase (CAPITAL) letter
  • At least 1 lowercase letter
  • At least 1 symbol (i.e. 1,2,3,!;#;&)
  1. My Details – Ensure that you view your personal details and update if required. You may make changes to your personal and payroll details at any time.
  2. My Leave Requests – Permanent Staff may enter your leave requests under this section
  3. My Availability – Casual Staff can block out dates they are not available for work. Please remember that you are only to enter the dates you are UNABLE to work at Darwin Turf Club.
  4. Home – Noticeboard for all staff about Upcoming Race days & Events are available on the ESS Noticeboard on the ESS website.
Department Award   Mon - Fri Sat Sun Darwin Cup Day
Bar Attendant  Registered Licensed Clubs Award 2010 - #MA000058     $23.08 $27.71 $32.32 $46.18
Wait Staff Registered Licensed Clubs Award 2010 - #MA000058   $23.08 $27.71 $32.32 $46.18
Kitchenhand / Kiosk Attendant Registered Licensed Clubs Award 2010 - #MA000058   $22.23 $26.68 $31.13 $44.47
Clean Up Crew, Ticketing, Door Attendants                   Racing Clubs Events Award 2010 - #MA000013   $22.23 $22.23 $35.57 $44.47
TAB Operators Registered Licensed Clubs Award 2010 - #MA000058   $23.88 $28.66 $33.44 $47.77

Payroll is run weekly for the previous week, each Thursday. Your pay should be deposited into your nominated account either late Thursday or Friday morning each week. If you have payroll queries, please email Our Payroll Officer works Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week. If the matter is urgent, please email and our HR Team will try and answer your question for you.

Pays for Darwin Cup Day 2016 will be processed and paid into accounts on Thursday 11th August 2016. Please do not call or email before 12th August 2016 requesting payment.